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Comprehensive List Of Colorado Drug Crimes – Offenses

Understanding you Colorado Criminal Drug Charges

…..begins with reading the actual law that comprises the charge. 

To look up the Colorado Drug Crime you are charged with — use this excellent LINK to Colorado Statutes .. Type in the Colorado Law citation such as – 18-18-403.5.– and there it will appear – as well as Colorado cases interpreting those laws (called annotations).

2012 All Colorado  Drug Offenses and Penalties

18-18-402. Definitions – terms used

18-18-403. Additional definition

18-18-403.5. Unlawful possession of a controlled substance

18-18-404. Unlawful use of a controlled substance

18-18-405. Unlawful distribution, manufacturing, dispensing, or sale

18-18-406. Offenses relating to marijuana and marijuana concentrate

18-18-406.1. Unlawful use or possession of synthetic cannabinoids or salvia divinorum

18-406.2. Unlawful distribution, manufacturing, dispensing, sale, or cultivation of synthetic cannabinoids 

18-18-406.3. Medical use of marijuana by persons diagnosed with debilitating medical conditions – unlawful acts

18-18-406.5. Unlawful use of marijuana in a detention facility

18-18-407. Special offender

18-18-409. Reduction or suspension of sentence for providing substantial assistance

18-18-410. Declaration of class 1 public nuisance

18-18-411. Keeping, maintaining, controlling, renting, or making available property for unlawful distribution 

18-18-412. Abusing toxic vapors – prohibited

18-18-412.5. Unlawful possession of materials to make methamphetamine and amphetamine – penalty

18-18-412.7. Sale or distribution of materials to manufacture controlled substances

18-18-412.8. Retail sale of methamphetamine precursor drugs – unlawful acts – penalty

18-18-413. Authorized possession of controlled substances

18-18-414. Unlawful acts – licenses – penalties

18-18-415. Fraud and deceit

18-18-416. Controlled substances – inducing consumption by fraudulent means

18-18-417. Notice of conviction

18-18-418. Exemptions

18-18-419. Imitation and counterfeit controlled substances act

18-18-420. Imitation controlled substances – definitions

18-18-421. Imitation controlled substances – determination – considerations

18-18-422. Imitation controlled substances – violations – penalties

18-18-423. Counterfeit substances prohibited – penalty

18-18-424. Imitation controlled substances – exceptions

18-18-425. Drug paraphernalia – legislative declaration

18-18-426. Drug paraphernalia – definitions

18-18-427. Drug paraphernalia – determination – considerations

18-18-428. Possession of drug paraphernalia – penalty

18-18-429. Manufacture, sale, or delivery of drug paraphernalia – penalty

18-18-430. Advertisement of drug paraphernalia – penalty

18-18-430.5. Drug paraphernalia – exemption

18-18-431. Defenses

18-18-432. Drug offender public service and rehabilitation program