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    FAQ – Understanding Re-Sentencing in Colorado Violation of Probation Cases

    By Colorado Probation Violation Lawyer – Law Firm – H. Michael Steinberg

    Introduction – Many clients struggle with technical violations of their probation based sentencing.  Either because they have been misled or they intentionally “blow off” their probation based conditions – This web page addresses the many issues surrounding probation revocation proceedings in Colorado.

    We can help you if you are charged with a violation of probation or you are worried that a violation of probation may be filed in your case.

    The violation of probation criminal defense lawyers with The H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Criminal Defense Law Firm represent clients on misdemeanor violations of probation and felony violations of probation throughout Colorado. The key to providing the best possible defense in a violation of probation is legal representation that is proactive and creative.

    The Pro-Active Approach to Colorado Probation Violation Cases

    By being proactive regarding any violation or potential violation of probation, a defendant can demonstrate that they take the court seriously, that he or she respects the judge’s authority and that he or she is motivated to prove they are worthy of a second chance at compliance.

    Being creative is also key to successfully defending a violation of probation and critical to reducing or eliminating any potential consequence or jail sentence that the judge may be contemplating.

    In any Violation of Probation case (VOP), the defendant faces any sentence that could have been given on the original charge. For example, a violation on a class 2 misdemeanor can result in a sentence of up to one year in a county jail (with credit for time served). If the original charge was a felony, it is punishable by up to the maximum sentence for the felony to which the Defendant pled guilty or received a deferred judgement and sentence.

    Any sentence to prison in Colorado, that is not a sentence to life, must be a determinate sentence Despite what an ordinary criminal defense lawyer may say, a jail or prison sentence may be avoidable for a felony or misdemeanor probation violation if the defense attorney is willing and able to do everything possible to avoid such a sentence and the client is willing to do what is necessary to assist the violation of probation lawyer.

    When the Probation Violation Attorneys with The H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Criminal Defense Law Firm represent clients on VOP’s we have a strategy that has been developed over the course of many years to avoid incarceration if possible and minimize other potential consequences.  We also carefully examine every aspect of our client’s case, their lives, and their other personal circumstances to develop the most persuasive argument possible for a lenient sentence, a delayed sentence and, in some cases, a DISMISSAL of the violation of probation.

    In almost thee decades of practicing Colorado criminal law H. Michael has taken the time to carefully study the judges and probation offices throughout Colorado to learn what factors are consistently most persuasive with each individual jurist and what factors the judges find most damaging. We take the time to fully customize the defense for each particular client to maximize his or her chances of success.

    If you are charged with a violation of probation or if there even is a potential violation of probation, please call The H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Criminal Defense Law Firm for a free consultation at (303) 627-7777 ….or plea fill out a Request for Assistance Form  and we will promptly contact you.

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