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    Colorado Criminal Drug Crimes Criminal Defense – Drug Conspiracy Charges and Understanding Colorado Prescription Drug Crimes Laws

    by Colorado Criminal Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer – H. Michael Steinberg

    The use of the charge of “conspiracy” in Colorado Drug Crime cases is so common – if the crime is not charged – it would appear to be an omission.  In addition Colorado Prescription Fraud charges – in the wake of tens of thousands of people losing their jobs and or their health insurance – has resulted in a consequent rise in the alleged commission of prescription drug crimes.  This web page addresses both kinds of crimes. 

    Colorado Conspiracy Colorado Drug Crimes Lawyer

    Drug arrests usually take place in an atmosphere of confusion, and it’s difficult for the police to pinpoint exactly who has possession of illegal substances. Law enforcement uses charges of conspiracy when they cannot clearly demonstrate who controlled or possessed illegal substances. First time, non-violent offenders charged with conspiracy can find themselves in prison for extended sentences– even when their only crime was to be in the same location as a person using or selling drugs.

    If you have been arrested for conspiracy, depending on the circumstances surrounding the arrest, you could be facing serious charges. Your first step must be contacting an experienced Colorado Criminal Drug Defense Attorney to discuss your case.

    Law enforcement agencies recognize the sweeping nature of conspiracy charges, and it is understood that conspiracy is used when they don’t have the time or resources for a thorough investigation that would more properly determine who had possession of a controlled substance at the time of an arrest. It’s a sad truth that law enforcement uses the charge of conspiracy as a short cut to achieve a goal – but with the right attorney – this is a charge that can be vigorously fought.

    Sentencing for conspiracy charges is harsh. If the person has had other offenses, especially any felony arrests, the sentences will be longer. Conspiracy is a serous criminal charge that demands the skills of an experienced Colorado  Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer –  Call 303-627-77.

    Prosecutors regularly allege the existence of drug-dealing or drug-manufacturing organizations when they encounter groups of illicit drug users and dealers in the same geographical area, such as in the same house or on the same street corner.

    If you have been named as a co-conspirator in a drug bust in Colorado contact the our law firm.

    Your case may involve illegal drugs such as heroin, methamphetamines (“meth”), cocaine or marijuana, or it may involve illegal dealing in prescription drugs such as OxyContin or oxycodone.

    The Dangers In Plea Bargaining “Co-Conspirator” Cases

    A major problem with trumped-up drug conspiracy charges is that each member of an alleged group of drug dealers can be held responsible for actions of their supposed co-conspirators. This can force some individuals into the position of entering plea bargains, whereby they give information on other “members” for the sake of saving their own skin, and often times they exaggerate other’s roles in the conspiracy or outright lie to help themselves.

    Regardless of what your position is in an alleged drug conspiracy case, it is critical for you to have experienced legal counsel on your side before you make any statements or agreements. Talk to a career criminal defense lawyer who represents clients in federal felony cases to explore your best options.

    Colorado Drug Trafficking and Possession Lawyer

    H. Michael Steinberg thrives on the opportunity to use his trial skills and knowledge in defense of people accused of drug conspiracy and other felony charges at the state and federal level.

    Colorado Prescription Fraud Lawyer

    The state and federal government take prescription drug crimes very seriously. Despite what you may believe, you simply cannot talk your way out of charges if caught filling prescriptions for a friend or illegally dispensing medication. A conviction for a prescription drug crime can result in years in prison, large fines and a permanently tarnished reputation.

    If you are under investigation or have been arrested for a prescription drug crime in Florida, contact the law offices of H. Michael Steinberg.. Put more than 28 years of Colorado criminal law experience to work for you.

    H. Michael is a Colorado prescription drug crimes defense attorney who represents clients in cases encompassing a variety of criminal actions, including:

    Filling prescriptions without proper authorization

    Selling and distributing prescription drugs

    Filling prescriptions for a friend

    Possessing prescription drugs for non-medicinal purposes

    Copying or forging prescriptions (prescription fraud)

    Recently, much attention has been given to weight-loss clinics that administer prescriptions without doctor authorization and/or little oversight. The nurses, staff and doctors who allow this illegal activity not only face criminal charges, but also the loss of their professional licenses and the closing of their medical facility.

    Early legal representation is a must.

    Exposing the Facts In A Colorado Prescription Drug Case

    An important aspect of the defense of prescription drug crimes is learning why the person supposedly committed the crime.

    Was drug addiction involved?

    Did a doctor suddenly stop writing prescriptions?

    Did a pharmacy refuse to fill the medication?

    Did the accused lose his or her medical insurance?

    There are always mitigating factors to be considered in these cases. Talk to a lawyer who will take the time to investigate the facts and consider the full situation when preparing your defense.

    Do not hesitate to contact the Steinberg Colorado Criminal Defense Law Offices to defend you against prescription drug crime charges. 

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