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Monthly Archive:  April, 2017

Apr 15

Why Locking Up Colorado Drug Offenders Makes No Sense And Does NOT Work – It has been my experience that incarcerating those addicted to drugs – is a mistake. What follows are good – solid arguments for not jailing those who struggle with drugs. Jailing Drug Offenders – Not A Deterrent There exists a very large body of evidence that supports the argument all criminal defense lawyers should always make at sentencing – that is … Read The Rest

Apr 13

A new bill signed by Governor Hickenlooper today makes it unlawful for a Colorado Judge to prohibit, as a condition of bond, the use of medical marijuana as long as the user has a valid medical marijuana registration card. The new law is not effective until 90 days past the adjournment of the date legislature (August 9, 2017) however a moral argument can be made that Judges should enforce the new law before it’s effective date.   … Read The Rest

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