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    Category Archive:  Drug Treatment and Jail Sentences

    Apr 13

    By H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Drug Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer – Attorney Colorado Criminal Drug Law – Pre-Booking Diversion – Getting Out Of The Criminal Justice System – A pilot program in Maryland called STEER provides for a diversion point utilized by the police to “deflect” certain drug crimes cases out of the system and into treatment programs before those cases are filed and lives are ruined by that very same system. The truth is … Read The Rest

    Apr 15

    Why Locking Up Colorado Drug Offenders Makes No Sense And Does NOT Work – It has been my experience that incarcerating those addicted to drugs – is a mistake. What follows are good – solid arguments for not jailing those who struggle with drugs. Jailing Drug Offenders – Not A Deterrent There exists a very large body of evidence that supports the argument all criminal defense lawyers should always make at sentencing – that is … Read The Rest

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