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    Category Archive:  War On Drugs

    Apr 13

    By H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Drug Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer – Attorney Colorado Criminal Drug Law – Pre-Booking Diversion – Getting Out Of The Criminal Justice System – A pilot program in Maryland called STEER provides for a diversion point utilized by the police to “deflect” certain drug crimes cases out of the system and into treatment programs before those cases are filed and lives are ruined by that very same system. The truth is … Read The Rest

    Jan 22

      By H. Michael Steinberg – Colorado Drug Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer – Attorney Colorado Prescription Fraud Charges – Understanding Why People Become Addicted To Painkillers And Heroin – The evolution of overdose deaths in Colorado due to prescription drugs originates from easily obtained prescriptions for such serious and highly addictive drugs as oxycodone or percocet. Prescription drugs, not street drugs, are the leading cause of overdose deaths in Colorado. More than 350 Coloradans deaths were … Read The Rest

    Mar 02

    Colorado Knock and Talk Laws By Colorado Drug Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer – Attorney – H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Knock and Talk Laws – A “Knock and Talk” is a police investigative tool happens at the home of a suspect or an individual. They are legal in most instances if they follow Colorado law  and understanding when they “work” is the subject of this article. Colorado courts have recognized the knock and talk technique as a “consensual encounter” that … Read The Rest

    Dec 16

    Drug Lab Fraud – A persuasive reason to retest drugs held in evidence – by H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Drug Crimes Defense Attorney – Lawyer. In Massachusetts – a state I am very familiar with – (I was raised in Boston) – a police chemist is caught falsifying lab test results. What this means is that thousands of criminal cases will now be challenged.  How many plea agreements were based on the falsified results and tainted … Read The Rest

    Jun 11

    The Colorado Supreme Court let stand a lower appeals court decision rejecting the consumpton of medical marijuana as a constitutional right. When a Supreme Court exercises their jurisdictional discretion to refuse to disturb a lwoer court’s decision – that becomes the law of Colorado… unless the United States Supreme Court agrees to decide the case under the United States Constitution. The Colorado Court of Appeals decided in 2011 that medical-marijuana patients have no right to … Read The Rest

    May 26

    UPDATED: Colorado Drug Overdose Good Samaritan Law WAS Signed By Governor – CRS 18-1-711 January 2016 – what follows is the original article on this issue: A new 2012 law – SB 12-020 – is sitting on Colorado Governor Hickenlooper’s desk – he should sign it.  In this path breaking legislation, individuals who call for emergency assistance because of an overdose of controlled substances need not fear prosecution. The Legislative declaration says it all: SECTION 1. … Read The Rest

    May 19

    A Colorado bill fighting for passage would reduce the penalties for small amounts of controlled substances is running into stiff opposition in the Colorado State Legislature. The Bill – Senate Bill 163 – provides for a more compassionate and intelligent view of the possession of controlled substances and “reworks” the country’s view of the so called “war on Drugs.” The present introduction to the bill says it all: The sentencing scheme shall consider: Development of a … Read The Rest

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