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Category Archive:  Medical Marijuana Laws

Apr 13

A new bill signed by Governor Hickenlooper today makes it unlawful for a Colorado Judge to prohibit, as a condition of bond, the use of medical marijuana as long as the user has a valid medical marijuana registration card. The new law is not effective until 90 days past the adjournment of the date legislature (August 9, 2017) however a moral argument can be made that Judges should enforce the new law before it’s effective date.   … Read The Rest

Dec 24

By H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Drug Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer Understanding The Basics Of Colorado’s 2014 Marijuana Laws Understanding The Basics Of Colorado’s 2014 Marijuana Laws – How Far Can I Go?  Many questions still remain with the January 1, 2014 deadline looming – as of the date of this article – for the legal purchase of marijuana. As a Colorado criminal defense lawyer – needed to understand the new rules so I did some … Read The Rest

Jun 11

The Colorado Supreme Court let stand a lower appeals court decision rejecting the consumpton of medical marijuana as a constitutional right. When a Supreme Court exercises their jurisdictional discretion to refuse to disturb a lwoer court’s decision – that becomes the law of Colorado… unless the United States Supreme Court agrees to decide the case under the United States Constitution. The Colorado Court of Appeals decided in 2011 that medical-marijuana patients have no right to … Read The Rest

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