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    Category Archive:  2012 Drug Laws – Immunity

    Dec 31

    By H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Drug Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer In 2016, the Colorado State Legislature passed H.B. 16-1390 (Effective date August 10, 2016. This bill contains several sections but the purpose of this short article is to call attention to an addition to the law’s exemptions from criminal responsibility and grant of immunity to children who are involved with an overdose situation. The adult version of the law is found in 18-1-711 CRS, (see … Read The Rest

    Jan 22

      By H. Michael Steinberg – Colorado Drug Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer – Attorney Colorado Prescription Fraud Charges – Understanding Why People Become Addicted To Painkillers And Heroin – The evolution of overdose deaths in Colorado due to prescription drugs originates from easily obtained prescriptions for such serious and highly addictive drugs as oxycodone or percocet. Prescription drugs, not street drugs, are the leading cause of overdose deaths in Colorado. More than 350 Coloradans deaths were … Read The Rest

    Jun 09

    A new Colorado law Allows pregnant women to enter treatment for substance abuse without being prosecuted for using illegal drugs when their addiction is detected as part of a medical exam. The law was sponsored by Rep. Ken Summers, R-Lakewood, and Sen. Irene Aguilar, D-Denver Here is Rep. Summers reasoning: “This is about helping pregnant women and their unborn children who are seeking help, rather than punishing them.  This bipartisan bill is good for the … Read The Rest

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